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Movements of the person to be watched from morning till evening time. May be fixed hours or total day. This gives the details of the person like his job particulars, Love affairs, Habits etc.

Generally investigators are asked to follow a person and note the movements. These movements can be easily tracked when the investigator is on a motor bike and follows the subject. A specially trained surveillance team is generally used for these types of assignments.

Computer Surveillance:

Computer surveillance involves monitoring of data and traffic on the internet. All phone calls surveillance, internet surveillance etc can also be conducted.

Telephones & Mobiles:

Mobile records can be accessed and note the calling details. Mobile phones are also commonly used to collect location data.

Cameras and Spy Cameras:

In this modern world, most working couples hire a maid to take care their kids or their house and with lack of time to keep an eye on their activities at home.. This way surveillance by Spy Digital Camera is the best. Say it records about 30 frames per second. This device is al necessity for modern lifestyle.

The footage is recorded etc. With cheaper production techniques, surveilleance cameras are simple and inexpensive. We can identify and track individuals and vehicles.