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Post –Matrimonial Investigations – Love affairs.

Suspected Infidelity: If you ever feel like your partner might be not being completely honest with you, Foxmen Detective Agency can cautiously find out the truth about their activities and interactions with another person. Maybe there is girl friend or boy friend in their lives.

PMI ,Post Marital Investigations is a type of investigation that can be used to gather evidence of infidelity or other marital Problems.

Love affairs : It is very common these days for people who are married fall into Love Affairs in office, or clubs ,or in the same

Check new habits of your spouse:

Check daily routine at office and after office hours, places visited, people contacted and time spent with the new friend, in apartments and many more opportunities .

You need post matrimonial investigative help to find out the truth. If you notice a change in routine or behavior of your spouse then you should call us for investigations and set your mind at rest.

1. Please put a surveillance team to note the movements, because of the new routine and take pictures discreetly.

2. Rumours with friends and relatives of person being investigated.

3. See if you can put GPS movements device in the vehicle being used.