Foxmen Detective Agency (P) Ltd

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Asset Property Verification

We focus and investigate on:



  •  Tangible and intangible properties
  •  Financial accounts and ROC filed Balance Sheets
  •  Associations with other business
  •  Accounts receivable, Personal property of the Directors Business bank accounts
  •  Investments in tangible assets like vehicles, equipment, machinery etc.
  •  Mortgages by the default barrower
  •  Benami transactions also.
  •  Financial information like bank accounts, brokerage, investment accounts,etc.
  •  Investments in tangible assets like properties and vehicles
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It is our duty to find by doing assets search & verification and try to ascertain details of hidden moveable and immoveable assets of individuals and companies, to verify their financial history and status. Generally Banks give this work for default barrowers. Banks looking to recover debt from defaulting borrowers.